Week Ending 2009 07 29

FROM: Dan Crowley, Kyle Ross, Raajiv Rekha
TO: Professor Wu
PROJECT SUBJECT: Source Code Vulnerability Analysis Engine (A.K.A. GRATS)
FOR THE WEEK ENDING: July 29, 2009

Activities Planned for Last Week:

  • Begin Testing
  • Bring Program to first Beta
  • Slides

Activities Accomplished Last Week:

  • Upgraded slides
  • Beta

Activities Planned for Next Week:

  • Rehearsal of presentation
  • Complete program
  • Complete Presentation

New Issues:

  • How to store vulnerability info with line number/variable
  • H-tree text sizing
  • RegEx picking up variables with operators next to them (EX: ptr+2)
  • RegEx seeing comments (//) within quotes which does not actual denote a comment (EX: "http://www.google.com")

Old Issues:

  • RESOLVED: Line number changes from source code and file RATS will scan
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