Week Ending 2009 07 15

FROM: Dan Crowley, Kyle Ross, Raajiv Rekha
TO: Professor Wu
PROJECT SUBJECT: Source Code Vulnerability Analysis Engine (A.K.A. GRATS)
FOR THE WEEK ENDING: July 15, 2009

Activities Planned for Last Week:

  • Update input patterns
  • Update assignment patterns
  • Recognize and add argument variables to list
  • Allow for multiple variables to be pulled out of one line for format string functions
  • Building the GUI tree representing variables -> lines
  • Prototype creation
  • Add DFD and terms definitions to power point
  • Update Wiki

Activities Accomplished Last Week:

  • All of the above

Activities Planned for Next Week:

  • Continue Coding
  • Continue Documentation
  • Continue working on presentation

New Issues:

  • Hierarchical tree for GUI

Old Issues:

  • RESOLVED: Greedy Regex matching
  • RESOLVED: Duplicate variables from Stage 1 causing Stage 2 to print duplicate lines
  • RESOLVED: Need for line numbers in Stage 2 output
  • RESOLVED:Need to ignore comments
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